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BACHELOR (HONS) NURSING SCIENCE Click here to log on  

Now, with the collaboration between Open University Malaysia and IIHS (Learning Center for Open University of Malaysia), our Nurses will have the opportunity to upgrade their knowledge by furthering their education up to Bachelors and Masters Degrees in Nursing.

Nurses following this part time course could conveniently self-study and they are required to attend classes only three times per month.  The convocation ceremony will be held in Malaysia and upon upfront payment of the full course fee, IIHS is offering a laptop for the convenience of the students. 

Established on August 10, 2000 Open University Malaysia (OUM) is the seventh private university
in Malaysia. OUM leverages on the quality, prestige and capabilities of its owners - a consortium of
the 11 Malaysian public universities.

Striving on its motto of a “University For All” OUM subscribes to the philosophy that education
should be made available to all, regardless of time, place and age.

Why study with OUM?
OUM programmes are designed by experts from the industry, academia and professional bodies and are approved by the Malaysian Qualifications Agency (MQA), formerly known as National Accreditation Board (LAN).
Available anytime, anywhere and to anyone.
Advantage of completing  your study at your own pace.
Reasonable fees payable by installments. 10% discount upon full payment of semester course / tuition fees. 75% special fee reduction* scheme for physically disadvantaged and senior citizens.


Qualifications awarded by the Open University of Malaysia are recognized worldwide. 

University Grants Commission-Sri Lanka Notice: 

The public is hereby informed that the University Grants Commission recognizes foreign Universities/Higher Educational Institutes based on international acceptance. Universities/Higher Educational Institutes that are listed in the following International Publications which are authentic sources of information on Universities and Higher Educational Institutes in different countries are recognized at present;


Commonwealth Universities Yearbook

(Published by Association of Commonwealth Universities)


International Handbook of Universities

(Published by International Association of Universities)

Open University of Malaysia is listed in the International Handbook of Universities. Thus all the qualification offered by OUM is recognized by the UGC. In order to see the listing of Open University of Malaysia under International Handbook of Universities please logo on to below link & click on International Association of Universities under International Hand Book of Universities. 
Source: http://www.ugc.ac.lk    as at 6th Feb 2012.

Bachelor (Hons) Nursing Science
This is a state-of-the-art open distance learning (ODL) programme utilizing blended pedagogy approach which comprises of face-to-face tutorials, modules, E-learning, skill laboratory and clinical practice. The blending of sophisticated instructional technology and the human touch of personal interaction with lecturers, tutors and clinical preceptors provides a unique learning experience that allows flexibility
in pacing your endeavor to pursue continuing professional development. It seeks to enhance your contribution in meeting the healthcare needs of the nation and to future development of nursing care and profession. This post-registration programme consists of various subjects including subjects of clinical specialties for your selection of 3 choices such as Critical Care Nursing, Trauma and Emergency Nursing,
Paediatrics Nursing, Mental Health Nursing, Oncology Nursing and Renal Nursing. This robust programme will empower you with in-depth knowledge, professional and clinical skills as well as the caring attitudes in your role as an expert nurse and leader in nursing.

• To Upgrade knowledge, skills and competency of registered nurses.
• To produce clinically efficient graduates.
• To cater to the increasing demands for specialised nurses in six (6) critical clinical areas i.e. Trauma and Emergency Nursing, Critical Care Nursing, Paediatrics Nursing, Mental Health Nursing, Oncology Nursing and Renal Nursing.

Core Subjects
• Management and Medico Legal Studies B
• Professionalism and Issues in Nursing B
• Advanced Nursing Assessment
• Teaching in Nursing B
• Nursing Research and Statistics B
• Research Project B
• Clinical Practice 9
• Clinical Practice 10
• Clinical Practice 11
• Clinical Practice 12
• Clinical Practice 13
• Clinical Practice 14

Specialised Courses
• Critical Care Nursing OR Trauma & Emergency Nursing
• Paediatrics Nursing OR Mental Health Nursing
• Oncology Nursing OR Renal Nursing

Duration of Study
The Beachelor Degree will take a minimum 2 academic years (6 semesters). With credit transfer, students may able to complete their studies in shorter period.

Entry Requirements
3 Years Diploma in Nursing recognized by the Ministry of Health Sri Lanka.


 At IIHS for 2 Years (Part time)


 Semester Fee (LKR) Total (LKR)

1st Year at IIHS

1st Semester 22,000 55,500  
2nd Semester   65,500  
3rd Semester   65,500 208,500
2nd Year at IIHS      
1st Semester   65,500  
2nd Semester   65,500  
3rd Semester   65,500 196,500
Total Fee

Semester = 4 months

Financial Sources
Our Institute can assist registered students in applying for study loans from leading banks in Sri Lanka

    PHSRC, Ministry of Healthcare & Nutrition, Sri Lanka - Reg No: PHSRC/OMI / 77    TVEC, Ministry of Vocational Training, Sri Lanka, Reg No: P02/0152