2 Years in Sri Lanka at IIHS + 1.5 Years in USA

You can now start your internationally recognized American Associate Degree in Physiotherapy right here in Sri Lanka. The Advanced Standing arrangement between IIHS and SUNY Canton University-USA allows you to complete the first two years of your Associate Degree at IIHS and move on to SUNY Canton University-USA for the completion of the last 1.5 years.
This would not only improve the local students’ accessibility to American education but will dramatically reduce the cost of education. Upon completion of the Associate Degree, a student can find employment as a Physical Therapy professional and academically one can move on to a PhD level. Students are also eligible to obtain on campus part time employment during their study period.




Profile of a Physiotherapist – What Jobs and Benefits?

Physiotherapists are also known as physical therapists where they opt for a technical job or a managerial job or a lecturing post. Physiotherapists contribute in a variety of areas such as industrial and automobile accidents, sports injuries, physical disabilities, home care, geriatrics, pediatrics, and preventative care. 
Physiotherapy is a field that holds immense job potential in this age of high-stress lifestyles that often result in physical disorders. With the life of the common man becoming more and more hectic, there is little time to maintain physical fitness. There is thus a growing incidence of ailments which physiotherapists are called upon to attend.
Students aspiring to take up this field must keep in mind that this is a science that seeks to cure a patient without medicines and they almost always see the positive side of treatment where in rehabilitation they experience the patient’s recovery every day. It is indeed a very satisfactory experience and this is why more and more young people are attracted to this profession. Apart from this, qualified Physiotherapists are entitled to very attractive salaries and perks. On average an international Physiotherapist would earn an annual salary of Rupees 6.5 Million and an Assistant Physiotherapist would earn approximately Rupees 5 Million per annum.

State University of New York- Canton USA


The State University of New York at Canton is a public, coeducational, residential college located on a spacious campus along the banks of the Grasse River. Its northern location places SUNY Canton close to the Adirondack Mountains, the St. Lawrence River, and major cities including Ottawa and Montreal. Approximately 3000 students attend SUNY Canton, taking advantage of its vibrant community of people learning and growing together. The College has a continuing record of excellence in providing a career-driven educational experience.

SUNY Canton offers a wide variety of career-driven bachelor's, associate, and certificate programs. Most of SUNY Canton's new four-year programs are designed so students can take them on-campus, online, or both. SUNY Canton features more than 150 courses online each semester. The College's athletic teams belong to the NAIA's Sunrise Conference, enabling students to compete in their respective sports for four years. 


  • G.C.E A/L – 3 Passes in any stream or G.C.E O/L with IIHS Foundation Program / Recognized Foundation Program
  • G.C.E.O/L English Language – Credit Pass or IIHS Diploma in English.


At IIHS for 2 Years


Monthly Fee (LKR)

Total (LKR)




1st  Year at IIHS




2nd  Year at IIHS




3rd  Year at IIHS   12,000 144,000

Total Fee at IIHS




SUNY Canton University

Tuition Fee (USD) (Approx.)

Semester Payment


Total for the final 1.5 years


 *approximate total including tuition, fees, health insurance and books for 1 ½ year would be $22,000

Academic Pathway & Outcomes


* Admission for above  pathways will be subject to academic performance at IIHS