undergradFoundation in Biological Sciences encompasses study of basic sciences to effectively prepare students for studies in tertiary level healthcare related programs. Students who complete this program could either enter a professional career based diploma or a degree program offered by IIHS .

This program is designed to supplement the Advanced Level studies & the program would also be handy for the students who have not had a science education for their advanced level. Thus this program empowers them to take have a solid start to their career based education.

Objectives of the program

A student who has completed this program would typically have the ability to:

  1. Demonstrate an understanding of basic biological and related scientific concepts.
  2. Demonstrate knowledge on basic and advanced mathematics.
  3. Understand the factors and processes which contribute to the scientific method.
  4. Apply their knowledge to analyze, interpret and critically evaluate scientific data.
  5. Demonstrate laboratory skills and knowledge of planning and designing basic experiments.
  6. Use effectively transferable skills in Communication, IT, English, Team working, Critical thinking, Setting tasks, Problem solving and Self-management.

Structural Outline

The students will follow a full time program with the following structural outline:

1.      Core Modules

                                                i.      Basic Mathematics

                                              ii.      Advanced Mathematics

                                              iii.      Physics

                                              iv.      Chemistry

                                                v.      Biology

                                             vi.      Management

2.      Soft Skills

                                                  i.      English

                                               ii.      Information Technology

                                              iii.      Personality Development

Entry Requirements

$1-          Completion of London O/L s or 5 passes at GCE Ordinary Level (local) Examination.


$1-          1 Year Full time




 Total (LKR)

Registration Fee



Monthly fee (For 12 months)







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