latrobe 2 192a7As a past student of IIHS who followed the “Postgraduate Diploma in Hospital Administration” programme, I was really grateful for the supportive staff who guided me through the process which enabled me to progress through to the “Masters of Health Administration” programme. IIHS gave me the opportunity and the skills to follow a health administration pathway which is unique in Sri Lanka. They supported me continuously the whole way, beginning with my university application and then right through the visa process. I highly recommend their services. Not only have they helped me achieve my dreams but they have done so in a very cost effective manner. The structure of this programme is very lucrative where you can follow the Postgraduate Diploma in Hospital Administration for a period of 1 year and then transfer your credits to La Trobe University Australia for the final year of the Master of Health Administration program. 
The atmosphere at La Trobe is really friendly. La Trobe is one of the most well equipped universities I have ever come across as they have a magnitude of facilities including a modern library, learning interfaces and a multitude of student clubs. In addition, all the lecturers and working staff are friendly, kind and helpful. The combination of quality teaching staff and up-to-date resources allowed me to further accelerate my learning and enjoy my studies. The system in Australia is mostly self-study with interactive discussions. I would highly suggest focusing on Academic writing skills and referencing in order to succeed in passing assignments.

Overall, living and studying in Australia has been an enriching experience, mostly due to the fact that Australia is highly multicultural and caters to many lifestyles. Along with a potential to earn while you study and live it big once you complete the degree, this country ensures hard work never goes unrewarded and I urge all students to take the advice IIHS has to offer in planning ahead.
I highly recommend IIHS and GHC Global Education as the institutions of choice if you wish to further your studies. They have done an excellent job in helping me secure a place at La Trobe University and even equipped me with exemptions which made my higher education financially viable. I would like to take this opportunity to express my heartfelt thanks to the team at IIHS who made all this possible: Dr. Kithsiri, Mr. Amila and the rest of the staff– Thank you for the excellent job! Keep up the good work!


Prasath Lohendram


IIHS Collaborates with UNE Australia for Biomedical Sciences

IIHS ( signs an agreement with UNE (University of New England - Australia) to articulate their Advanced Diploma in Biomedical Sciences into UNE’s Bachelors of Biomedical Science. The MOU signing ceremony was held on 5th August 2014 at the TajSamudra hotel along with an open day and seminar on biomedical research presented by UNE professors. This event was established to celebrate the launch of their joint-venture Biomedical Sciences program.

Many prospective students along with their parents attended the open day, held from 3pm to 5.30pm where they were able to ‘meet and greet’ the IIHS & UNE staff as well as retrieve all required course information. The program has proven to be very attractive amongst students and parents alike due to the way it has been favorably structured; studentsare able to study the first two years at IIHS and the final two years at University of New England, Australia, saving them more than 6 million rupees in living costs and total tuition fees.

The chief guest for this event was Dr. Peter Nolan, Counselor- Department of Education, Australian High Commission, New Delhi, India who happens to be UNE alumni. Also present on the day was Mr. David Samuel, Business Development Manager - Australian Trade Commission, Mr. RishenShekhar, Regional Marketing Manager - UNE and Mrs. Gabrielle Rolan, Acting Pro Vice-Chancellor - UNE who extended their fullest support to make this collaboration possible.

Prof. IevaStupans, Professor of Pharmacy, spoke on the topic  “Drug Metabolism: from the Bedside to the Test Tube & Back Again” while Dr. Glenda Parmenter, Program Coordinator and Senior Lecturer Nursing, School of Health, spoke on the topic “Inter-professional Practice in Health Sector”

Both IIHS and UNE have worked extremely hard towards “raising the bar” in the development of opportunities for students in Sri Lanka and are confident that many students will benefit from this new collaboration.


Dr. Kithsiri Edirisinghe (Deputy Chairman - IIHS) Welcoming the guests

M   4               5

 Future IIHS & UNE Students in attendance,                         Chief guest Dr. Peter Nolan during his congratulatory speech  (Counselor -

    along with parents and IIHS staff                                         Department of Education, Australian High Commission)


1                       2

Mr. Rishen Shekhar (Regional Marketing Manager                                  UNE & IIHS Panel of Delegates 

(UNE) meeting with prospective students.



Prof. Ieva Stupans  presenting her Research.


$1Mrs. Gabrielle Rolan (Acting Pro Vice-Chancellor – UNE) and Dr. Kithsiri Edirisinghe 


       enu 2

  DDr. Glenda Parmenter (Course Coordinator & Senior Lecturer for Nursing, School of Health - UNE.)


 Dr. Kithsiri Edirisinghe presenting a token of appreciation to Dr. Peter Nolan


  Mr. David Samuel (Business Development Manager, Education and Global Value Chains, South Asia – Australian Trade Commission) with Mrs. Gabrielle Rolan


$11.        Congratulations IIHS and UNE.















Explore Australia with Biomedical Sciences

Open Day & Seminar Regarding Biomedical Sciences

UNE signage sunset     1

IIHS ( the premier healthcare training institute in Sri Lanka in collaboration with the University of New England (New South Wales, Australia) has launched a Biomedical Sciences program which has a direct pathway to Australia. The structure of the program is very attractive where students study the first two years at IIHS and the final two years at University of New England.

What is Biomedical Sciences?

Biomedical Science is the use of applied sciences applying portions of natural science and formal science in order to make advancements in knowledge and develop technology to resolve interventions in the healthcare industry. These scientists work to gain knowledge on the main principles of how the human body works and to find new ways to cure or treat disease by developing advanced diagnostic tools or new therapeutic strategies. The research of biomedical scientists is referred to as biomedical research.

Biomedical Sciences at IIHS

By following the first two years of the program at IIHS, students can save nearly 5 million rupees in terms of tuition fees and living cost. Thus, the cost effectiveness provides wider access to the program by different levels of social groups.

The program broadly covers areas like Chemistry, Biochemistry, Microbiology, Cell Biology, Genetics, Forensic Science, Pharmacology & Research. Students are placed at renowned industrial settings for practical training, based on the subjects they take during their studies at IIHS.

Special exemptions are granted for students holding HND in Biomedical Sciences based on the grades they have achieved in the respective program.

During the final 2 years of studies, students will be placed at the University of New England, Australia which has a five-star ranking for “Graduate Satisfaction” by The Good Universities Guide 2013. At UNE students will have the privilege of being exposed to modern laboratory facilities and related practical placements with renowned industry partners. Furthermore, the required units pertaining to the Bachelor of Biomedical Science span into a wide range of scientific disciplines including human anatomy and physiology, Pathobiology, data analysis and genetics. In addition to the compulsory core units students can choose from a wide variety of approved majors/minors depending on the students’ particular interest. Once students are qualified with a Biomedical Science degree, not only will they be able to get into exciting careers, but it also provides a pathway to many other professional degrees including medicine. A Bachelor’s in Biomedical Sciences empowers an individual with a wide range of career opportunities to explore.  


Career Opportunities:

Dr. Kithsiri Edirisinghe –Deputy Chairman of IIHS, a renowned Consultant Medical Administrator and a Master trainer in Australia, states that a Biomedical Science stream provides many career opportunities in a variety of settings both locally and internationally. Some of the professionals work as Academics and this category includes tenured faculty positions at universities, colleges and non-profit research institutes. These positions usually afford more intellectual freedom and give the researcher more latitude in the direction and content of the research. Scientists in academic settings, in addition to conducting experiments, will also attend scientific conferences, compete for research grant funding, publish scientific papers and teach classes.

Some Biomedical professionals opt forindustry private sector jobs at for-profit corporations. In the case of biomedical scientists, employment is usually at large pharmaceutical companies or biotechnology companies.

Some of the popular career pathways include Biomedical Scientist, Biomedical Engineer, Microbiologist, Pharmaceutical Scientist, Forensic Scientist, Lab Technician, Research Assistant, Quality Assurance Officer and many more.

In recent years, more biomedical scientists have pursued careers where advanced education and experience in biomedical research is needed outside of traditional laboratory research. These areas include patent law, consulting, public policy, and science journalism.

Dr. Edirisinghe further states that due to the increase in the demand for Biomedical Sciences and the fact that many private sector hospitals are emerging in Sri Lanka there is an inclining demand for professionals who qualify in the field of Biomedical Sciences. He further expressed that since IIHS is predominantly a research based institute it provides a greater platform for the students following Biomedical Sciences to explore international research opportunities.

Average salary of a professional in the field of Biomedical Sciences ranges from $49,999 – $75,000 AUD per annum within the 1st 4 Years. The annual salaries will dramatically increase after at least 4 years experience and areas of specialty is established within the industry.

Free Seminar

There is a special free seminar conducted by delegates from the University of New England on 5th August at the Taj Samudra Hotel, Lower Crystal Ball Room from 3pm to 6pm. IIHS invites all students who have a passion to pursue studies in the field of Biomedical Sciences to attend this seminar to get more insights about the program.

Apart from this, a series of seminars have been arranged on latest topics with a view to render latest knowledge with regards to the subject matter. Industry professionals are also welcome to attend. Seminar topics are as follows: in

$1Ø  5. 30pm – 6 .15 pm - “Drug Metabolism: from the Bedside to the Test Tube & Back Again”

- Prof. Ieva Stupans


$1Ø  6. 40pm – 7.30 pm - “Interprofessional Practice in Health Sector” - Dr. Glenda Parmenter   

For More information Call: 0114 651144, 0774 142398, 0727 115114, 0773 114381 or visit