IIHS Student Irosha Pursues her dream to become a Biotechnology Researcher

International Institute of Health Sciences (IIHS) the premier healthcare education provider in Sri Lanka is the 01st institute to initiate an Australian Biotechnology programme in Sri Lanka. IIHS is an “Extended Campus of Box Hill Institute in Australia” and conducts the 1st year of the Diploma of Laboratory Sciences (Specialising in Biotechnology) programme and transfers the students to Box Hill Institute in Melbourne Australia to complete the final year. On completion of the Diploma the students can enter the 2nd year of the 3 year Bachelor of Biotechnology & Innovation programme at Box Hill Institute Melbourne or transfer to many universities across Australia to read for their Bachelors with exemptions.

Biotechnology is based on the science of living organisms. Some people predict that Biotechnology would become the fourth major revolution in the world, after the Agricultural, Industrial and Information revolution, by having a big impact on our lives and our communities as well as our economy. The field of Biotechnology is very broad and it includes areas that reach from Bio fuels, Nanotechnology, Pharmaceutics, Biomedical devices as well as Human health science. Modern use of similar terms includes Genetic Engineering, Molecular Biology, Hybridization, Cell and Tissue culture Technology etc. Thus students who peruse studies in the field of Biotechnology will have wide range of employment opportunities across many fields.

Irosha Devasigamani is one of the students in the 01st batch of IIHS Biotechnology programme. ‘’I am Irosha Devasigamani from Mattakkuliya, currently doing my first year of Diploma of Laboratory Technology (Specializing in Biotechnology) programme at IIHS and will be finishing the Diploma next year in Australia. I had my initial education in India and then came to Sri Lanka and joined St.

Nicholas International School for my London O/Ls and A/Ls. From my school age I had a dream of getting in to research which I loved so much and my preferred field was Biotechnology. So after A/Ls I was looking for an internationally recognized Biotechnology programme and at the same time I didn’t want to leave Sri Lanka immediately. So finally I came across the perfect match for me which is the Biotechnology programme at IIHS, an extended campus of Box Hill Institute-Melbourne Australia. I’m happy to say that I was the 01st student to register for the programme, and I’m really enjoying the excellent exposure we receive during our studies at IIHS.

This field has very high demand internationally and in Sri Lanka as well. After starting this programme I realised how much I could learn and how challenging it is to carry out many projects, but most importantly, I enjoyed doing it. Our first project was to formulate a pesticide for Mealy-bugs, which were harmful pests found in green houses and commonly on any plant. The project was carried out successfully with great support from the lecturers and the programme coordinators. We have already finished our own individual projects, and I worked on producing wine from Pineapple, and others did projects such as development of a Hand sanitization gel, water filtration system, green house project, compost project and so on. These group and individual projects are a very good method for us to express our own ideas and the skills in research.”

Irosha explaining further about the programme says, “The lecturers at IIHS are well qualified and always helpful and able to combine studies with a fun teaching environment. Our campus is a wonderful place, which operates under the green concepts. The culture of the campus is very friendly. The industrial placement we get during the studies at IIHS was great. We were placed in the laboratory settings of a large conglomerate in Sri Lanka and in few of the leading laboratory chains in Sri Lanka.

I want to complete my studies at IIHS and then to transfer to Australia to complete the Diploma and then the Bachelors. We will also get Industrial placements during the final year of the Diploma in Australia as well as during the final year of the Bachelors in Australia. This would be a great opportunity for us to get exposed to the best industrial practices in international settings.

There are ample of opportunities for qualified candidates in both local and International settings. Some of them are as follows.
Research & Development – Scientific Director, Scientist, Research Associate, Bio-informatics Scientist/Engineer, Bio-informatics Analyst/Programmer, Molecular Modeler and Forensic Scientist�Operations – Process Development Manager, Process Development Technician, Calibration Technician, Toxicologist and Environmental Engineers.

Quality – Quality Control (QC) Manager/Supervisor, QC Analyst, Quality Assurance Manager/Supervisor, Quality Assurance (QA) Documentation Specialist and Validation Manager.

Clinical Research – Clinical research is a main component of any job in Biotechnology. You can become a Clinical Research Manager, Bio-statistician, Clinical Data Manager/Associate, Manager of Regulatory Affairs or Medical Affairs Director.

Biotech Pharmaceutical Jobs – Clinical pharmacist, Clinical researcher, Pharmaceutical representatives and Process engineer.

In the long run I want to study further up to the PhD level in Biotechnology, gain valuable international experience and one day to start up my own research laboratory. I consider this a once in a lifetime opportunity to fulfil my future dreams says Irosha.

If you have the same passion to become a figurehead in the Biotechnology arena, join IIHS to make your dreams a reality.

Registrations are now on. For more information, contact IIHS on 0114 651144 / 0774 142398 / 0727 115114 / 0773 114381 or visit us at No. 704, Negombo Rd, Welisara or our website: www.iihsciences.com

International Institute of Health Sciences (IIHS) the premier healthcare education provider in Sri Lanka is the 01st and only institute in the Sri Lankan healthcare education market to train and send Physiotherapy students for higher studies to the USA. The 01st batch of IIHS Physiotherapy students transferred to State University of New York, USA for the final year of the

“I am Puneesha Onali Pasqual, a 17 year old former student of Musaeus College. I joined Musaeus in 1999 and during the 13 years I was at school, I had a lot of fond memories which I cherish. I was always involved in sports and extra-curricular activities such as Badminton, Athletics, Music and Arts. Badminton was my main priority, as since the age of seven I have represented the school at Badminton. I have been a member of the school Badminton team in all age groups including 2009, when the school won the All-Island under 19 Championship. My most memorable moment was when I got selected to the Sri Lankan senior national squad in 2009. I represented Sri Lanka many times which gave me lots of opportunities to travel to many different countries. Other than badminton I did long distance track events for the school athletics team. My childhood ambition was to represent Sri Lanka at Badminton, which I achieved during my school career.

After my O/L examination I had a second ambition to get selected as a medical student with the aim of becoming a Doctor. Therefore I started doing London A/L’s in the Science stream, but as it takes another three years’ time for me to complete it, myself and my parents had a lot of discussions, attended seminars, education exhibitions and visited several institutions before finally selecting IIHS one of the premier Healthcare Training institutes in Sri Lanka. The IIHS official website (www.iihsciences.com) was very helpful as it gave me the main facts about the institute and the programmes they offer. We visited IIHS and got all the relevant information about the programmes and finally selected the ‘Diploma in General Nursing’ Programme (A pathway towards Bachelor of Nursing Deakin University- Australia) as the programme which best suited me to achieve my career dream. Therefore I got myself enrolled at IIHS. As instructed by IIHS, I’m also following an Australian recognized foundation programme equivalent to A/L’s as I did not sit my A/Ls and the flexible time schedules of IIHS allows me to continue both programmes simultaneously.

Although IIHS is primarily an institution offering Diplomas in Nursing, Physiotherapy, Biotechnology, and Health Management, it offers pathways to Degrees and Masters from Australian and American Universities. The Diploma in General Nursing programme I selected also offers a pathway, where upon completion of the Diploma I can directly join the final year of the Nursing BSc Degree at Deakin University, Melbourne. When comparing with other educational institutes the tuition fees are so affordable and reasonable at IIHS and while doing my degree I will also get an opportunity to enhance my clinical skills at the Asiri Hospital chain from the second year onwards.

On completion of the final year of the Bachelor of Nursing programme at Deakin University my ambition is to sit for the GAMSAT examination & join the 04 year Graduate Entry Medicine programme at Deakin University, ending up as an Australian qualified Doctor. As you all know there are many foreign Medicine programmes all around the world but finding an international level quality programme would be a challenging one.

The Deakin University Bachelor of Nursing programme conducted at IIHS is a 3+1 pathway programme where students could complete 03 years in Sri Lanka and the final year in Deakin University. By completing 03 years of the degree in Sri Lanka, students save nearly 10 million Sri Lankan rupees in terms of university and accommodation fees. Upon completion of the BSc Nursing Degree, students are eligible to obtain registration on the Australian Nursing Board as Registered Nurses. So the student who aspires to start a career in Nursing can be employable internationally with this qualification leading to high salary scales and perks internationally.

“This is a wonderful opportunity I got and I had no hesitation in deciding to enroll at IIHS, as it helps me to fulfill my dream with lot of other benefits. So I invite you also to join the Nursing programmes at IIHS and become and internationally qualified nursing professional�”

Registrations are now open for a limited number of 15 seats for the 2012 intake of Deakin University Bachelor of Nursing programme. More information could be obtained from IIHS at No. 704, Negombo Rd, Welisara or from IIHS Hotline- 0114 651144, Kushan- 0772 923131 or from Amila- 0773 114381 or from their website- www.iihsciences.com