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This course is especially suitable for those who wish to gather knowledge and qualifications in Hospital Administration. The programme prepares the candidate to take up leadership roles in the hospital sector through training in planning, operational and project management of hospitals including orientation in the managerial aspects of clinical, various specialties, and support services departments. The programme also imparts training in managing financial, material and human resources as well as planning and managing information systems in hospital settings.

Holders of the Diploma in Hospital Administration find jobs to manage a variety of specialized services in hospitals and related Healthcare institutions. Their job description includes managing various departments of large hospitals as well as planning and designing new services and new hospitals.

This programme is targeted at 4 main categories, namely those are directly involved in the provision of healthcare (In-Charge Officers, Unit Managers, Doctors, Pre-Interns, Nurses, Paramedical Staff) Non Medical personnel involved in Hospital Management (personnel involved in marketing, financial, facility management, public relations and IT management) those involved in hospital projects (engineers, architects, medical equipment suppliers, project managers) and those interested in entering in to careers in the area of Hospital Management.


  • Those working in the healthcare industry - Degree, Diploma, Proficiency certificates or more than 05 years experience
  • Others – Professional Qualification in respective field


12 Months




DHA 1  Management Principles and Practices
DHA 2  Human Resource Management
DHA 3  Health Policy and Administration
DHA 4  Research Methodology and Statistics
DHA 5  Labour Legislation and Legal Framework
DHA 6  Financial Management
DHA 7  Organization and Administration of Supportive Services
DHA 8  Case Studies-I (Seminar Course)
DHA 9  Organizational Behavior
DHA 10 Economics of Health
DHA 11 Information Management
DHA 12 Organization and Administration of Clinical Services
DHA 13 Quality Management
DHA 14 Materials Management
DHA 15 Hospital Planning
DHA 16 Personality Development
DHA 17 Case Studies- (Seminar Course)

Total of 46 credit hours,
17 Theory Courses             34 credit hours
2 Months of Field Work       8 credit hours
Project Report                   4 credit hours


Registration fee- Rs.17, 000.00 (Non Refundable)


 Total Course Fee

 Monthly Installment Basis

 Hospital Administration - Online

 Rs. 300,000

        Rs. 25,000 x 12


The DHA qualification will allow successful candidates to find employment in leading international hospitals, clinics, rehabilitation centers, hospital consultancy firms,  IT industry,  Health sector related NGOs, supply chain and marketing firms and other related organizations of the hospital industry, (Pharmaceutical companies, and the health insurance sector).

Candidates will be eligible for overseas jobs, upon completion of the programme

    PHSRC, Ministry of Healthcare & Nutrition, Sri Lanka - Reg No: PHSRC/OMI / 77    TVEC, Ministry of Vocational Training, Sri Lanka, Reg No: P02/0152